We’re not a 24 hour company. Please understand We’re a  small company .  If your plane is delayed past midnight we may not be able to get you. We’ll try our best. It’ll be a higher price if you really want us there or If we are able to be there it’ll be shared with others on that flight.  For daytime delays, we won’t cancel you we just may have had to go to Waikiki for our next pickup.  If you can wait in the pickup spot, we’ll have the next available shuttle get you when available.

Please when coming out of the hotel or the bag claim..Do not be only be looking for a certain kind of vehicle or if at the hotel the same driver you had when dropped off.  The vehicle and driver can vary.  The driver might be holding a sign. The important thing is you get to the pickup spot and wait.  We’re probably almost there.  The security makes us spin around the airport if we’re been waiting for over 15 min in the permittee parking area.

Please be super careful which shuttle or taxi you get into at the airport or hotel! There’s some sneaky cab drivers and shuttles that lie to get you in to there van, taxi etc.  The correct driver will know your full name , destination, price. Driver will say your name First.

Please be careful with double booking with another company.  It’s easy to do. Please make sure someone else in your party didn’t arrange  a shuttle or taxi.  If you don’t need our service or the other service don’t confirm with them or us.

Please be organized with what you paid for and didn’t pay for.  We usually don’t do prepayments.    If it’s prepaid we’ll have it marked down.  If going to prepay the ROUNDTRIP then do it thru credit card.  It’s very messy if you pay the round trip in cash if not paying either myself (John) or Kenji.  We don’t want any confusion.

Easiest if you pay one at a time in cash or we can send an invoice.  Please no strange partial payments either like (for example if 2 people $50 round trip) $40 on the arrival into Honolulu then just paying $10 on the way back when you arrive back at the airport.  The first driver more than thought the extra $15 was the tip.  If you need change just ask the driver.

Please have the correct cell phone on your form and please have it ON. The driver will call or text you most likely.  Please no house numbers on the form.  It’s not always the Same driver.  Not always me answering and calling from the 722 #.  Not always Kenji.

Please understand we don’t want to make you Wait obviously. We can’t control you being ready at the hotel early or rocketing thru customs or getting your bags super fast.  If you can please wait for us in the pickup spot we’ll be there soon. There are many factors for us not being there (if waiting at a hotel or the airport) the customers on the prior appointment were late being ready, TRAFFIC, construction on the freeway etc.  please be patient or let us know if you dont want to wait so we don’t waste each other’s time. We try our best not to keep you waiting.

Please no third party booking without Prepayment.  It’s very messy.  Too many things can go wrong. We can handle it by a case by case basis but it usually doesn’t work.  If you can prepay then we can be there.

Please you must let us know if flying standby or if there are multiple flights involved.  We need to know so we we track all the flights involved in the booking. They don’t always land as scheduled.

Please have a general understanding of the pickup spot BEFORE arriving.  We’re a small company.  We can’t always guide you to the pickup spot over the phone.  Videos on Johnnycab Facebook show the pickup spots.  If carry on only probably best to just follow the people from your flight to that bag claim and follow the directions for the pickup spot based on that airline.  Please use common sense in case we send you the wrong pickup directions, we’re not going to make you walk 10 miles to the pickup spot. (We’re human , we make mistakes ) All the pickup spots are as close to your bag claim as possible.  Print out the directions from the website or ask someone at the airport where the prearranged shuttles pickup at for your airline. Or where the permittee Parking is.  The airport like all airports is very strict on where the shuttles can pickup at.

Please try to call, text or email if there’s something (anything) preventing you from getting to the pickup spot after landing.  Should be within 45 min if flying domestic or interisland.  Could be an hour If international.  Customs can be crazy.  If we don’t hear anything we can only assume you don’t need the ride or we’ll just send the next available shuttle if available .  We understand If your filling out paperwork for a damaged or lost bag.  We just need to know what’s going on. Maybe some one can come outside to let the driver know and if we can wait we will.  Driver may have to leave to get other customers on the schedule.

Please be ready on time from your hotel.  Some days the schedule is very busy and we need to get to the next appointment.