PLEASE watch the videos on Johnnycab Facebook for your airline and read/print the directions. We’re a small company. We may not be able to answer the phone and guide you to the pickup spot. We’d prefer if you don’t call. Only call/text, email if you need more than 45 minutes to get luggage. We of course understand if customs is super crazy or if your luggage was damaged and your doing paperwork.

IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND TIPPING OR GRATUITY, don’t ask for change. (When handing us the Money).

It’s $10 each additional stop and 60 each minute of waiting For EXAMPLE: a 30 minute shopping excursion at Walmart is an extra $28 dollars if you need stop at Walmart or Safeway on the way to Waikiki.

Please don’t call from a blocked number. We don’t usually answer blocked or private numbers. A lot of scam calls and telemarketers call from blocked numbers.

We’re not responsible for items left in the van. Please make sure you have everything when exiting the vehicle. If you want us to return your lost item it may be an extra charge.

Please be on time from the address or hotel. We’re a small company. Sometimes the schedule is tight. We can’t wait for over 7 min or so. Let us know if your running late.

Credit cards?  Cash preferred please. Its easier if we know in advance if your paying credit card. We can send a square or PayPal invoice. Usually have to add on – 8% processing fee but some circumstances we’ll waive the fee. Not all the drivers have the credit card reader. We’re assuming cash if you don’t tell us in advance.

Highly recommend scheduling one at a time reservations. We don’t turn down reservations. Just easier on all of us. You might rent a car., a lot of things could happen.

Please try to put the address of the hotel. There’s many hotels that have similar names and it’s helpful so the driver gets to the correct hotel.

Please don’t make a reservation for other people. If you want to prepay for them then we can setup a third party reservation but usually it can be very messy.

Please try not to change the time too much from the form for the departing Waikiki rides. ( especially the night before ) We have a schedule and it’s very tight sometimes.

Please only use the cell phone you provide in the form. Have THAT PHONE ON PLEASE. (From bag claim) if that phone is dead, off or your calling using a different cell it could be very problematic. It’s not always me there. The driver could be trying to call you and if that phone number is wrong or off it’ll be difficult to find you. I usually forward my phone number to the driver that’s there but not always. Need to have the correct phone number so the driver can call or text you.

PLEASE confirm the email when you receive the confirmation email with all the directions and info.

VERY IMPORTANT AND VERY HELPFUL if you confirm by email. Text ok too. Email preferred though. We don’t know if you emailed 10 companies or just us. So please reply to the email. Very much appreciated. If you don’t confirm we’ll try to have a driver standby or we’ll just wait until you call or text and then send a driver.

When on the way to the airport for dropoff , all we need to know is the airline. You don’t need to tell us the terminal or gate number. There’s no airline that’s at multiple terminals. It’s a simple airport.

Please don’t tell us the airline and flight number when your departing.   We only need to know the airline and flight number when your arriving.

Please only put a phone number in the request form if it’s a cell phone that you can use and receive texts from.

Please decide your own pickup time. . A good rule of thumb is an hour before if flying between the islands. 2 hours before if flying domestic ..3 hours before if international. It’s usually 20 minutes to the airport. Traffic can vary.

Please try to give us the correct airline and flight number. There’s a lot of codeshares. If we don’t have the correct airline and flight number we can’t guarantee your reservation. We’ll try our best to figure it out. At least give us the city your flying from before arriving in Honolulu.

If we haven’t heard from you 45 min after your plane got to the gate we may have to leave or take other customers We’ll just assume you don’t need the ride.

Please tell us if others in your party are on multiple flights. Flights come in early and delayed all the time. May have to charge more if on 3-4 different flights.

PLEASE turn your phone ON as soon as you land. The driver needs to be able to contact you! Very helpful if your phone is on.

Don’t even put a phone number in the form if it’s a house number or a number your not going to use.

If no phone number maybe describe something about you the driver can spot out of the crowd. Color of cloths..hair color..color of luggage ..really tall, short …etc.

Please make sure the date your reserving for is the correct date and time. It’s very easy to put down the wrong date.

Please be careful of the sneaky people at the airport and hotels. If they say our company doesn’t Exist, they’re LYING! Some taxi drivers or valet guys just try to steal from other companies and they’ll throw you in their “friends” Shuttle or taxi. It’s rare. Most security guys or other shuttle drivers are very helpful BUT some are bad and just want your money.

Can’t absolutely gaurantee the ride if your plane is delayed past midnight. We’re not a 24 hour company.  Possibly shared with others if delayed.

Please don’t rely super heavily on email. We respond to every email that we receive. If your at the airport filling out a reservation form or emailing us to cancel we may or may not receive it. Please try to call or text if doing last minute. Please keep in mind the time change as well. We’re not 24 hours a day looking at the computer or phone.

No eating or drinking in van please.

If making last minutes changes to a reservation please text or call us. We may not see an email right away.

If canceling last minute please , call , text and email so we know and don’t waste a drivers time. WiFi inside airports are very spotty and the emails don’t go thru sometimes.

You must please tell us if flying standby. Probably will be shared with others if flying standby.

Please tell us if a crazy amount of bags. We’re not a moving company. Please don’t treat us like one. Extra bag charges apply if super heavy bags.

Please don’t email when you land.

Please don’t message through Facebook messenger when you land.

Please let us know if you plan on taking your time getting to the pickup spot. We’re a small company. We assume most people want to get in the van right away after getting bags. The pickup time doesn’t have to be exact. If you land early you don’t have to wait until the pickup time that you put on the form. Go directly to the pickup spot please after getting bags. If you plan on getting lunch at the airport or having a few drinks / smoking or shopping please let us know at least so we can plan our schedule accordingly. Some days the schedule is very tight and every minute counts lol.