How long does it take to get to the airport from Waikiki ?
It’s safe to allow 30 minutes. If there’s no traffic at all its 15 min. Could be 45 if it’s really crazy traffic but that’s pretty rare.

How early do I need to be at the airport before my flight?
If it’s inter-island flight, an hour is plenty of time. Domestic 2 hours is good. For International, 2 1/2 or 3 hours is good. The airport is never that busy but it’s up to you.

Should we confirm our reservations?
Your returned email confirmation to us is sufficient for your inbound flight.  However, we do require you to confirm your outbound transfer from your hotel location to Honolulu Airport one day prior between the hours of 9:30 am to 4:00 pm HST. Failure to confirm your outbound reservations with us may result in delayed or cancelled service. For your peace of mind, please confirm your reservations.

Do you provide/require child restraint/booster seats for children?
Yes. The rental cost is $10 per car seat or $5 per booster chair per transfer. (Reservation only..with notice).

What if our flight is delayed? Will JohnnyCab be there to pick us up?
Yes, 90% percent of the time we will be there to pick-you you up with changes in our commitment to only provide private non-shared rides. You may be bundled together with others who have reservations on the same flight or with the permission of other travelers arriving on time on other flights. In many circumstances that require us to bundle a group together, the maximum hotel stops is one stop prior to your designated hotel.

Do you provide pick-up or drop off services to local residence?
Yes. There maybe no area on our reservation form but you can still fill in the notes with your local address for a response. Or please call/text 808-722-4610 for a quote.

What is your delayed flight policy?
Reservations with Flight (domestic and international) delays that exceed 60 minutes may be cancelled. For international flights; Delays in customs and immigration of more than 45 minutes may cause your reservations to be cancelled. For domestic flights; delays in baggage claims of more than 40minutes may cause your reservations to be cancelled. Please call/text 808-722-4610 for more information if you feel your processing times in baggage claim or customs will exceed our wait times. We will do our best to accommodate delays with the amount of vehicles in our inventory. Prepaid reservations will be refunded at 50% cost.

What number do I call or text to make a reservation?
Only 808-722-4610. Text or call between 9am to 5pm HST or email preferred if you can. Please be careful if when arriving and the original driver called/texted from his or her cell phone. DO NOT call their number to make a reservation with Johnnycab. Only 808-722-4610 please or send an email or fill out a reservation form on the website.

How much should we tip for gratuity?
Sky’s the limit. LOL just kidding. It’s usually 10-20% or can vary on the quality of service. If the driver isn’t polite and friendly then of course don’t tip or just tip a couple bucks. If you have a lot of heavy bags and the driver is friendly then tip 20-25 % For example. For 2 people during the day when its $25 most people pay $30-$35.

Is the pricing listed between destinations for each person or total price?
The price listed stated on the website or emails is always the total price. If pricing is for each person I would be clear to let you know.

How much do you charge for surfboards?
We charge $5 for shortboards.  $10 for  longboards over 9 feet.

Do you charge for kids?
Yes if they’re over a year old.

Do you track the flights?
Yes. Air travel is still very not the most on time method of travel so I always track the flights.

What if we can’t find the driver after getting bags?
Please refer to your printed email. We can only pickup in the areas called the Permittee Parking. It’s usually a Green painted curb. Please don’t walk across the back 40 of the airport or into the parking garages. Please use common sense. We’re not going to make you walk a mile to the pickup spot. LOL. Go back to your original bag claim and start over if you walked to far. Ask another shuttle driver where the pickup spot would be for your airline if really lost. Most are very friendly and might even know me. Ok this is way too long. I doubt your reading anymore.

Will the vehicle we’re looking for say “JohnnyCab” on the side?
If it’s me there picking you up it will but I rely on other drivers some times to help me so it could be a minivan or sedan. The driver will know your name. Please only get in the vehicle if the driver says your name FIRST.

How long does it take to clear customs?
It varies. If one of the early morning flights it could be as fast as 30 minutes but usually on average 45 minutes. If you land later in the day it could be as long as an hour or hour and a half. Customs gets clogged with all the international flights coming in.

Where’s the pickup spot?
Varies on airline. Please look at the directions page or call or text me from baggage claim and we’ll direct you.

How long does it take to get luggage?
Usually about 30-40 minutes. That can vary on the airline as well. United and Hawaiian seem to take there time getting the luggage to the carousel but on average about 40 minutes you should have your luggage.

Is it always a Red van? And marked Johnnycab? Driver holding a sign? Red flower Lily’s thrown at our feet to walk on on the way to the shuttle? Is the driver always Johnny?
No. Sometimes it’s very busy and we could be stuck in traffic. Driver might be there holding a sign but not always. Please be patient and wait in the Green painted permittee parking area for your airline. We’ll be there soon. It could be a white van or grey or white minivan. Drivers can vary. Could be a man or woman driver. They’ll know your name and destination. ONLY go with them if they know your name, destination and price. Some drivers try to steal other customers or it could be an honest mistake. We’ve had people get in Charlie’s cab because it sounds a little similar to Johnnycab or you may have the same name as another company’s customers. Just be careful lol.