Island Tours
5 Hour Tour
1-5 people (only) $225 cash.
$40 an hour if over the 5 hours.
North Shore
Island Tour

Johnny Cab offers your group an exciting overview of the Island of Oahu away from the city of Honolulu and the busy Pearl Harbor area. Heading north away from the hub-bub, and crossing the island’s interior farmland, this tour aims at the North Side’s big-wave beaches, its colorful ocean-side communities, and the great saw-toothed mountain cliffs covered with lush foliage that define the north coastal spine of the island. Your group may get out to explore, swim, or eat at any point along the way, such as the iconic waypoints of … 19th century pineapple plantation, … island coffee farm, any of the many beaches along the North Shore, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The tour loop takes a minimum of five hours, but can be expanded for extra time spent wherever your group prefers. The tour always includes a lunch stop, usually at the popular beach-town shrimp shack, Fumi’s, but other enticing food options exist along the route as well.

Locations we recommend
•Holona blowhole
•Lanikai beach
•Diamond Head beach
•Makapuu beach
•Waimea Bay
•Sherwood beach Waimanalo
•Spitting Cave

$315 up to 8 hours.
$40 an hour for the 9th hour.
$35 for the 10th hour.

1 person: $315
2 people: $330
3 people: $400 ($133.33 per person)
4 people: $450 ($112.50 per person)
5 people: $525 ($105 per person)
6 people: $600 ($100 per person)
7 people: $665 ($95 per person)
8 people: $720 ($90 per person)
9 people: $765 ($85 per person)
10 people: $800 ($80 per person)